About Robogyan

Robogyan is the based on latest Technology and IoT. Ever since its inception in 2012, Robogyan has been involved in various projects and competitions. Special emphasis has been on providing students with opportunities and exposure to rise in their careers.

Hands-on projects

Robogyan provides practical exposure to students through hands-on projects. Not only does Robogyan foster students' personal projects but also work on industry specific projects round the year.


Robogyan participates in all major competitions around India round the year. Over the years, Robogyan has emerged as a leader in competitions and hackathons of various formats with numerous prestigious feathers on its cap.

Events and Workshops

The very reason of Robogyan's inception was to bring together students passionate about technology and share knowledge. Through various workshops and events, Robogyan strives to create a unique learning environment for students of ADGITM.


The numbers reflect what we've achieved at Robogyan






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Life at Robogyan

Robogyan is all about the sheer joy of learning. At Robogyan, you don't just learn through workshops; You learn by experimenting and doing stuff you never thought you could. At Robogyan you


The spirit of learning forms the majority of ambience at Robogyan. You would find members working with all their heart and soul anytime you visit the Laboratory.


Would this work at 5V? Oops. No. At Robogyan, we experiment for things that couldn't be achieved theoritically alone. Behind every successful research, there are a thousand experiments.

Have Fun

With all the mind boggling stress you'd learn to live with at Robogyan, we also believe in de-stressing with a lot of fun filled activities. Cricket, mini parties and such events help you unwind.


Robogyan participates and excels in Hackathons round the country including but not limited to IITK, IITG and IITKGP. As a core member of Robogyan, you'd find youself traveling pan India every couple of months.

Learn Theory

You cannot implement something unless you learn the intensive theory behind it. At Robogyan, we help members excel in academics with special tutoring sessions by seniors with tips and tricks to score more.

Participate in competitions

With compeitions happening round the year, you'd find youself crunched for time, making last minute changes to make your bots faster and stronger. Remember, these competitions are fierce and only the fittest survive.

Organize events

We require good orators and mangers. Conduct workshops for people for thousands of students and share your sweet gift of knowledge.

Learn teamwork

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. The colossal size of projects and compeitions here require you to work in a team. You learn leadership skills, teamwork and plethora of other things.

Stress yourself over that one bug

No Pain. No gain. You'll often find yourself in the lab late in the evening, hitting your head over that one cold solder, that one bug that would take hours and hours to resolve.

What are you waiting for

Robogyan Promises a memorable college expereience for its members for the years during engineering and beyond.

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